accessory set for baby boyNewborns have to be snug and warm, even during the summer. Their little hands and feet and even their head don’t have the kind of circulation that will keep them warm when they are older.

Whenever they are being taken outside, placed in front of a fan or AC unit or put anywhere where they might get some breeze, then they need to have their extremities covered. That means hats, socks, and if necessary, mittens. The mittens shouldn’t be necessary unless it is very cold, but each child is different, and it is a good idea to have mittens available for newborns, just in case.

Hats are essential for anytime the baby is going outdoors, especially in the first few weeks following birth. At that time, the bones in their head haven’t fused yet, so cold air can really affect them and make them sick easily. There is an old adage that children shouldn’t be taken outside into the first six weeks of life, but so long as they are properly bundled up (and their head in particular), then they should be okay.

Children will need different hats depending on the weather. For summer and warm days, a broad-brimmed hat would be ideal. This keeps their head covered from any winds and keep the sun out of their eyes. It also keeps the sun off their sensitive skin.

In colder weather and even on slightly cool days, a soft, cloth hat is a good choice for the baby. The hat should not be too tight or too loose, and it’s a good idea to have a few different hats at home as the baby grows.

Socks need to be the right size as swell. When buying newborn baby boy clothes and girl clothes, parents should make sure the socks are not too restrictive. They also shouldn’t be too loose, or they will fall off. Like with hats, it’s a good idea to have a few different sizes on hand for when the baby gets older. Their feet, like much of their body, will grow quickly, and their clothes need to fit them at every stage of development.

Parents can find a wide selection of newborn baby clothes at sites like newborn baby boy clothes. Taking their shopping online can open up a much wider selection to them and ensure that they are able to get the right clothes for their baby.